World’s First Fold-able Smartphone, FlexiPai Launched:

Last year Samsung announced the creation of a fold-able smartphone, Samsung. But in the past, Samsung has opened the smartphone capable of folding the name ‘FlexPai’ before the ‘Royal Corporation’.The California-based company shows a smartphone in a ceremony organized in China.

World’s First Fold-able Smartphone, FlexiPai Launched:

They claim that this is the world’s first ‘fold-able phone’.The most interesting thing is, the ‘Royal’, which is known as a flexible screen manufacturer, is not a smartphone. The 7-inch screen smartphone looks like a tablet.

But if you fold like a book, you can use it on three different screens. That means there will be two different screens in addition to using the touchscreen.  While the Samsung Galaxy ‘F’ or even the folding smartphone from LG and Huawei were on the table, Chinese manufacturer Rouyu has beaten them to the finish line.

It can also be used as a selfie camera when folded and when unfolded, it can be used as a rear camera.RAM and capacity will be bought to buy a smartphone from 1,290 to 1,863 dollars. In fact, popular Twitter-based tipster IceUniverse shared a video of the FlexiPai in action. The video showcases a phone being bent at the middle. However, it doesn’t bend flat and ends up quite bulky when packed away.


So all in all, this is, well and truly, a hastily designed product just to gain the tag of being the first in the foldable smartphone race. And as can be recalled, Samsung CEO DJ Koh had categorically mentioned in his last interview that the foldable phone from Samsung won’t be a ‘gimmick product’. Apart from that, Samsung is likely to unveil their foldable smartphone in near future as per recent reports.



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