The Top 12 Mobile Phones of 2019

Last year, there were new design trends such as the Basel Display or the Nach in the smartphone state. In addition to the dual cameras, Bokeh effect or background blurred feature also created very hype. In 2019, these features have a slightly improved look at phones.

12.xiaomi mi 8

xiaomi’s flagship m8  will be on the list. In order to give smartphones to customers at a very low price, xiaomi has got very popular in developing countries. Mid-range phones are more popular than their flagship phones. However, xiaomi has so far received very good specification at the latest flagship M8 low price, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship chipsetsipset, 8 GB of RAM, up to 128 GB storage. There is also a 6.2 inch Oval Oleed display with an IR sensorized 20-megapixel selfie camera. There are two 12 megapixel sensors on the back. And the phone has a power source of 3400 milliped lipo battery.

11. OnePlus 6

The Vanplus name the market with the specification of the flagship level around other companies at a very low cost. Their latest additions include the OnePlus 6 Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM, 256 GB of storage and 3300mAh battery. The 6.3-inch Full HD Plus display has two 16-megapixel cameras and 16-megapixel self-camera camera in front of the phone.

10.LG G7 Thinq

LG’s flagships for quality cameras and solid performance are very popular. Things have been added with the name of their latest flagship G7 because LG has said that advanced artificial intelligence has been used. The 6.1-inch QHD Plus display has two 16-megapixel rear sensors and 8-megapixel front sensors. There is a 3000mAh battery for giving Snapdragon 845 chips and 4 GB RAM. It has up to 64 GB of inbuilt storage.

9. OppFind X

The phone is a bit different from other phones found in the 2015 release. So far, the phone’s screen-to-body ratio is the highest. There is no display of full view, no dance or chin. Rather, the front camera slides out of its way. The Snapdragon 845 chip, 8GB RAM and 512 GB storage will be included. The 6.4-inch display phone has a battery of 3730 ml. Its cellphone camera is 25 megapixels. There are two sensors in the 20 and 16 megapixels.

8. Sony Xperia X3

Sony’s smartphones in the company’s phones crowd are considered as underrated. But as always, Sony’s latest flagship XZ3 is called Real Combination of Power and Premium. Snapdragon 845, 4GB RAM, 64 GB expandable storage and 3330 ml battery. Although there is a relatively thick Chinese, front-facing stereo speakers will give new levels of media experience. There is HDR 10 supported 6-inch old display. Although the single camera sensor, its 19-megapixel sensor makes very good pictures. There is a 13-megapixel front camera.

7. Samsung Galaxy S9

The phone was released in the first quarter of this year. It has a Snapdragon 845 with up to 6 GB of RAM. There is no nouveau 5.8 inches 1440 P display. Storage options are limited to 64 GB, although memory card can be expanded. There are 12-megapixel variables aperture cameras and 8-megapixel selfie cameras. There is also more than 3000-millimeter battery. The handset has IP 68 rated waterproof features.

6. Samsung Galaxy S9+

It’s a big version of the Galaxy S9 phone. It has a larger 6.2-inch display and 3500 ml battery. Along with the camera, modules have changed. Instead of the S9’s single camera, there are 12 12 megapixels dual camera setup. This variant has been brought to mind those who prefer bigger devices.

5. iPhone 10R (XR)

According to Apple’s comment, it is the cheap version of their flagship IFoom 10S Max and 10S. Actually, it is so. iPhone 10 and higher at lower prices It can be found in several colors, including red, blue, yellow. Flagship 10 with S Max and 10S and its main difference is in the display and camera modules. The display was used as a low-cost liquid retina display. And the camera is a single camera module. But its single-camera also claims that Bokeh effects can be found just like dual cameras. See this link in detail about iPhone x and above.

4. Huawei P20 Pro

Image result for Huawei P20 Pro
Huawei’s flagship P20 Pro is coming after this. Their P series is known as a camera phone. There is no exception in the P20 Pro. It has one, neither two, three backed cameras. With stylish designs featuring Belle’s nose and their own Powerful Kirin 970 system on a chip, This is the first triple-rear camera phone. The 6-GB RAM and 128 GB storage phones have a 6.1-inch Full HD Plus display. Along with Powerful 4000 ml battery and battery.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Image result for Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung’s flagship business series is the latest phone in Galaxy Note 9. The Snapdragon 845 processor has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED 1440P display. Nearly all companies lean towards the undisclosed display, Samsung did not have any nails just like the Galaxy Note 9 phone. Without some development, its specification is much like the Galaxy S9 Plus. It has two 12 megapixels back and an 8-megapixel front camera sensor. Although battery capacities of flagships are generally lower than other manufacturers, Samsung has not had any nonsense to supply 4000 mAh battery. The phone has up to 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of inbuilt storage as well as a micro SD card slot. One of the features of the Note series is the improved version of S Pen.

2. iPhone TEN S (XS)

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Interestingly, despite the fact that there is not much development except the processor from the iPhone 10 released last year, it is ahead of any other smartphone with features and glazing. 5.8-inch Apple’s famous Super Retina display comes with the iPhone 10S, which also features HDR and 3D Touch Supported. The most powerful aspect of this is the 12 bionic chips that are more powerful than the Snapdragon 845 chips used in the latest Android flagships. There are 4 GB RAM and 512 GB storage options available in the iPhone 10SA. For the first time with an Apple phone, dual SIM capability is also coming. Dual camera setup is located behind the stainless steel frame and glass-finish body. Along with this, IP 68 rated water purifier features. There are more battery capacities than the previous iPhones. Wireless charging is therewith.

1. iPhone 10S Max 

Image result for iPhone 10S Max

I came to the top of the list with the best smartphone at number one. Even though the price is beyond the reach of ordinary people, Freedom Rally, the iPhone 10S Max is the year’s best smartphone title. This is the big version of the iPhone 10S phone. But in terms of energy capacity, 10 is the same as. The same processor and camera modules are used on both phones. Only the display has been given a little larger than 6.5 inches. Battery capacities are also kept a little more. Those who prefer a bigger smartphone, they can take the iPhone 10S Max as an alternative to the iPhone 10S.

The number of smartphones you can get online, do not match one another. Even in your own opinion, different rankings might come. Every phone on this list is awesome.

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