Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Price, Feature And Review

Like every year, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S9 Plus has come in March. Now they have given time to make the phone more reliable and useful than a new feature or design. With the help of this popular brand, the list of new features is small but the effect of the many has been added. Let’s know about the new beginning of the phone in the new luxury.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


At one glance, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

  • Dual SIM, fast forward support
  • Super AMOLED display, 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution, HDR support
  • Samsung Xines 980 1Octa processor, 4.8 mughus core of 2.8 GHz and 4 in 1.7 GHz cortex 55 cores
  • Mali G72-MP 18 GPU
  • 6GB LPDDR 4 x RAM
  • 64 GB storage, up to 400 GB microSD card usage
  • Dual 12 megapixel back camera. Original camera aperture two, F / 1.5 and F / 2.4 Telephoto camera zoom2x, aperture f / 2.4
  • 8-megapixel autofocus sulfur camera, aperture f / 1.7
  • Four and 960 frame-per-second super-slow-motion video
  • USB Type-C port, headphone jack
  • Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 5, FM radio
  • NFC, GPS, Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Measuring Sensor
  • The fingerprint sensor and Irish scanner
  • Wireless Charging, Samsung Adaptive Charging
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • 32 bit, 384 kHz high-end audio support
  • IP68 water and dust insulation pills

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Design and feature

Those who have seen the Galaxy S8 Plus, the phone will not be new to them. The front display is unchanged, the buttons on both sides have the same as before. The number of ports below the phone has not dropped, the headphone jack is still beside the USB-C port.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Although it is not fair to say it is not right. Two glasses have been added to the rear glass panel. Fingerprint sensors have also been dropped from the camera right below the camera. This little difference has enhanced the practical advantage of the phone. Now unlocks the phone will not touch the camera.

The gorilla glass has been used in front and back of the phone. Sometimes the aluminum frame. In the shape of a device, although there is a bunch of glass panels on both sides, it mixes well with the hand. This is the full flagship design of Qatar. At the beginning of the camera, because of the camera, the capacity of the camera has increased much more. Besides, it is the world’s first dual aperture camera-rich phone. Smartphones are small in size, so much more light can be found inside the lens through the lens – the better pictures are available. Especially in light of the light, the lighter the lamps enter, the better the light. At least that was so true for so long. Samsung has reached the aperture of the camera at F / 1.5. As a result, very good pictures in light of light have two problems. First of all, such a large aperture lens can not focus on different distances. It is difficult to focus on many distances, especially in the second. Secondly, there is a possibility of exposure to excessive light in days or in a dark light, which may have ‘burnt’. Therefore, according to the requirement, the camera uses F / 1.5 root aperture, as well as F / 2.4 aperture, Can do But there is no use of the aperture in between these two.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The original camera resolution is 12 megapixels. Another 12 megapixels. It has aperture f / 2.4 and has 2 x optical zoom lens. The two cameras have optical stabilization. The Galaxy S 9 Plus for the shelf has 8-megapixel autofocus camera. Its aperture F / 1.7 does not end camera mode in this phone. In addition to the normal auto mode, there are very popular ‘Live Focus’ modes, so that the back of the pictures can be bok hah like. The shape of Bokeh can also be changed accordingly. Panorama mode also has the front camera to take a lot of self-help with friends. In addition to the previous features for video capture, it has been added 960 frames-per-second Super Slow Motion. Its resolution, however, is 720p. Without good lighting, a good quality video will not be available. In addition, there will be 240 FPS slow-motion video in full HD. In the resolution of the maximum four, the video can be captured in the camera on the other side.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


From the quality of the camera, Samsung S9 Plus is at the other end of the phone. No matter what the amount of light, no photo or video was seen in the camera. There is a lack of color in the photo color, Contrast. To reduce the sublimation of extra saturation, Samsung saturation has reduced a lot. There is no problem at all. When taking photos in F / 1.5 aperture, it is a little difficult to keep the focus of the whole subject in close proximity. Many times in Live Focus mode, the algorithm does not work to alter between the subject and the background. These are not hardware issues, but the software can be updated due to future updates. Performance Samsung XinS 9810 processor is selling in Bangladesh. Its performance is more than processing process for Snapdragon 845. But behind the scenes in graphics. However, the lack of performance of flagship phones has not been seen in the last two years. And it will not be visible in this. For graphics, there is Mali-G72 MP 18. All the games in the Google Play store, which will come in front of the graphics in the graphics. However, in the performance a little less than Adreno 640

Samsung SM G-965F

single-core score                                                                                                                                      multi-core score

3773                                                                                                                                                             9024

Geekbench 4.2.0 for Android AArch64


Result Information

Upload Date                                                                                                                         February 19, 2018, 02:56 pm

Views                                                                                                                                                    417


System Information

Operating System                                                                                                                                  Android 8.0.0

Model                                                                                                                                                       Samsung SM-G965F

Motherboard                                                                                                                                          Universal9810

Memory                                                                                                                                                   5163MB


Ram’s LPDDR 4x technology has 6GB of RAM. In both cases, multitasking or heavy apps, RAM is fast and fast enough. The Samsung Xinx 9810 is completely unwilling to use the full capability. Due to the maximum battery life and heat reduction, they have programmed the phone processor so far as possible. The performance will add further if the performance mode is added to the future. In addition to the display of Dynamic Range color and contrast, the display has been made using Super AMO 4LED technology. Disassembly 6: 2 Inch, resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, in pixels 529 PPI density. Watching movies or VR, it’s ready for two purposes. As long as the two apps are used together, the app will not feel pressed.

Galaxy S9 Plus display is a difficult one to use everyday in everyday use. Photo transparency, color values, contrast, and brightness are almost all phones. Sounds are also used as loudspeakers, stereo loudspeakers have been added to the S9 Plus. Speakers support Dolby Atmos, while 3D viewing will be available during the movie. However, expecting a base or midrange in small speakers is inappropriate. The handset can be used for the handsfree headphones. On the phone to give a great sound on the phone, there is the hyphen dock and the amp. As a result, the Galaxy S9 Plus is the highest priority in the sound. And emoji, visible expression, and appearance can be scanned and emoji sent to everyone. The feature works fast. It takes less than a minute to create a caricature. Even though all of the looks of the face cannot be read, the basic idea is easily understood by the S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Buxby Assistant is more intelligent today Several languages can convert to Bengali. Battery life and charging phone have 3,500 mAh battery. Can be used at least one day. The backpack will reach two days after low pressure on the phone. For Samsung’s own fast charging technology, the phone will be fully charged in 80 minutes. The phone has been built by stopping debris, dust and excessive pressure and heat. This does not mean that anyone will use the phone in severe streams and saltwater. If you dive with the phone in the sea, it will not be wasted, but there will be fear. Last year Samsung Galaxy S series brought the market as the most feature-rich device. There was no exception. The phone is ahead or parallels in all the rival brands. The impact of this has been seen at the price.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Price


Good at a glance

  • Camera
  • Display
  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Stability
Bad at a glance
  • Price rises
  • See the old designs
  • The Buxby button is still there




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